Sleaford is a market town in central Lincolnshire, near the east coast of England and Riverside Church is on the main shopping street in the centre of the town, called Southgate.  We are next to the river on the west side of Southgate.  The postcode is NG34 7RY.

Road directions

If entering the town from Grantham, cross over the roundabout on the A153/A15 and continue straight on into Sleaford. Eventually you will pass a Spar supermarket on the left, and then approach the railway crossing, where you take a left filter across the railway lines - you are now on Southgate. Give way at Handley's monument and continue to the left through the main shopping area, where you will find us on the left of the street. A map of car parks is below.

If entering the town from Peterborough or the south, continue up the A15 until the roundabout (A15/A153) and turn right. Continue now as if you had approached from Grantham (see above).

If entering from Newark, the A17 west, Boston or A17 east continue on the A17 until meeting Holdingham roundabout (A17/A15).  Take the Sleaford exit.  Continue through Holdingham into Sleaford. You go over Galley Hill Railway bridge and past the grammar school (left) and Tesco (right). Approaching Barclays Bank, you give way and join the one-way system.  A map of car parks is below.  If driving to the church then take the right filter at the market place and head south down Carre Street.  Take the right filter at the end and stay right to join Southgate at Handley's monument. You are now in the main shopping area, and we are on the left of the street.

If entering from Lincoln (A15), then continue to the Holdingham roundabout (A15/A17) and take the Sleaford exit. Continue as if you had approached from Newark (above)

If entering from Louth (A153) continue under the A17 flyover into Sleaford. Go straight across the roundabout and over the railway bridge.  Continue, eventually passing the council offices on the left after Lollycocks field.  Approaching St Denys Church, you will come to a left filter that must be taken to join the one-way system. This is Carre Street, continue as if approaching from Newark (above). See below for car parking in Sleaford.

 Riverside location map

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