We are a broadly evangelical Christian church - which means we place the Word of God as a high authority for what we do and what we believe.

We are also a church committed to sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus to all whom we can. We do this through what we say and what we do. To put it another way, it is not enough just to tell others about Jesus - we want to show it too.

Our mission statement

The purpose of Riverside Church is to bring glory to God by proclaiming new life in Jesus Christ, being a welcoming Christian community, growing in maturity and reaching out in service to our neighbours near and far.

We don't know what, if any, background you have with churches.  We might just be a little different from what you've known in the past.  We are an evangelical Christian Church, with a lively worship style.  Our members have come from a variety of church backgrounds and from none - all are welcome, whether you you are a Christian now, or you just want to come and visit us to find out a little more about God.

Riverside is on the main shopping street in Sleaford, called Southgate, and (no surprises!) we are next to the river.  If you want to know where to find us, click in 'Finding us' under the 'About us' menu option.

A short history

Riverside church can trace its origin in Sleaford back to 1776 when a group of Sleafordians who wanted to worship God without the constraints of the prayerbook met together in Hen Lane.  Some years later they constructed their first building in Hen Lane which was in the area of modern Jermyn Street.

Riverside is led by a ministry team, supported by a leadership team.

Ministry Team


Rev. Robert Bushby

Robert Bushby is an ordained minister in the United Reformed Church and joined the leadership team at Riverside in 2018. He is married to Kerry and they have two children and two grandchildren. He enjoys walking and is a supporter of St Helens Rugby League Club, having lived in St Helens for six years.

Robert shares the ministry of Riverside Church with a mission responsibility for the East Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church.

Senior Leader

Peter Harding

Peter  Harding was ordained as an Anglican Priest in 1979, and was formerly the Senior Leader at Sleaford Community Church until Riverside was formed. He retired as Head of English at Carre's Grammar School, having worked in education for over 30 years, as a teacher and as a School Improvement Inspector. Peter is married to Margaret, and they have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

Leadership Team

Sleaford is a market town in central Lincolnshire, near the east coast of England and Riverside Church is on the main shopping street in the centre of the town, called Southgate.  We are next to the river on the west side of Southgate.  The postcode is NG34 7RY.

Road directions

If entering the town from Grantham, cross over the roundabout on the A153/A15 and continue straight on into Sleaford. Eventually you will pass a Spar supermarket on the left, and then approach the railway crossing, where you take a left filter across the railway lines - you are now on Southgate. Give way at Handley's monument and continue to the left through the main shopping area, where you will find us on the left of the street. A map of car parks is below.

Q: Who are you?
A: Formed in March 2008 when Sleaford Community Church and Sleaford United Reformed Church came together. The church has met here, on Southgate, since the 19th century.

Q: What denomination are you?
A: That's a difficult question to give a straight answer to! We are a part of the United Reformed Church, meeting in the buildings owned by the URC. We are proud of our URC background and membership. But we're also a little bit different from many URCs. You are welcome to have a copy of our constitution if you would like to understand a bit more, but perhaps the easiest way is for you to come and see for yourself!

  • John 6:35

    “Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

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